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Tips for successful listing

Tips for successful listing

Well Business listing is much important as your own website is. 

As a Business directory we do categories and promote each categories across the world wide web, Thus which helps your business listing rank high in search results too, even if you are not Promoting your website or not doing SEO or marketing for your website, WE Do It..!

So when you add your business listing to make sure you fill out all the information correctly. This will help us easily approve genuine listings and it will also help your business listing to rank high in search engines  as more relevance content will be there.

Add Title – This will be important when your customers/client/users read it
Add Description – This where you define your listing briefly, make your content relevant to your submission, do not spam keywords by using same keyword multiple times, best is use 2-3 times if there are 1-2 paragraph in description.
Image – Add your Business Logo, Photo here, this will be highlighted in search or listing page.
Tags – Tags will help in search easily, when someone do a search of keywords in our website or in google or yahoo or other search engines it acts as searchable tags/meta info. With every listing it is recommended to use 2-3 keywords
Category – Always put your business listing in relevant category, doing this will get your listing approved quickly, non relevant listing gets rejected instantly.
Address – This is where your location is being picked by google map and map in your listing get displayed with pin marker to the set location.
Company website – Add your company website URL so that users can click and reach your website for more information and contact you directly.
Company Name – This is where u add your business / company name.
Mobile – Add Contact numbers, add only 1 valid mobile number for better results.
Full Address – Full address of your physical location of business.
Post Code – Postal / PIN Code of your area.
Email – add business email so that users can contact u via mails.

Featured / Premium Listing – featured listing will make your business listing appear in scroll in Home page.

Things to remember when submitting business listing in directory:

  • Be fair when submitting your business listing
  • Do not submit more then once to avoid rejection for both
  • Put listing under relevant category only
  • Fill All the fields including image and address for google map
  • Content is king, so write description carefully, do not copy or duplicate from other similar business listing or other website, Keep content unique for better search engine rankings

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